The Department of Anesthesiology will provide clinical anesthesia and perioperative medicine with particular reference toThe provision of general anesthesia, regional anesthesia/analgesia, monitored anesthesia care (MAC) and conscious sedation for elective and/or emergency surgeries and invasive or non invasive diagnostic procedures at our Hospital. The department provides anesthesia services for all patient groups undergoing minor or major operations in the following specialties: general surgery, orthopedic, OB/Gyne, ENT, dental, Urology ophthalmology and neurosurgery.The provision of anesthesia services for day surgery unit and satellite areas including emergency room, endoscopy unit and diagnostic imaging (CT) where requested.The provision and coverage of PACU.The provision of an obstetrical analgesia service during the day in the initial phase and 24 hours /day.The department provides a well-structured pain service (pain clinic) whereby patients are reviewed for optimization of analgesia or management of complications.Participation as members of a clinical team providing in-house coverage for the management of cardiac arrest.The department provides leadership role in the ICU. Members of the department in addition to providing an administrative and organizational capability in the ICU will also be involved as required in direct patient care.The clinical services shall be expanded as the demand dictates and/or at the request of the administration, where manpower allows.The extent to which the level of care or service provided meets patient needs To provide a comprehensive anesthesia services to all patients presenting to the hospital on a 24 hours basis. To reflect the mission statement of ASH and to provide the highest quality of anesthesia care in the most effective and efficient manner to all patients in Anesthesia department.To provide an efficient transition into the hospital for patient undergoing for anesthesia.To provide pre-anesthesia assessment, pre induction assessment, intra-operative care, post-operative care of patients attending anesthesia department.Strive to improve the quality of service of anesthesia department by reviewing practice and adopting performance improvements project as a vehicle for change.To reflect contemporary best practice in anesthesia care. Recognized standards or practice guidelines, when available and put into practicePolicies and procedures are formulated by using information and data obtained from the American Society of Anesthesiologists, and JCIA, as well as information submitted by anesthesiologists to allow for the formulation of policies appropriate to the resources and needs of this hospital. All policies are reviewed and approved by the Head of Anesthesia and are subject to medical staff approval where applicable.


Dr. Amir Kamal

Specialist Anesthesia

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