Hair removal by laser servicesUVB narrow band to treat vitiligo, psoriasis, parapsoriasis and dermatitis.Cantralization local anesthesia to remove warts and skin tags.Chemical peeling for melasma– agingIntradermal injection (cortisone) to the treatment of alopreca areata – lichen chromicus keloid.Incernoan x drainage under local anathoria for the treatment of alcer and inhected selocucyst.Conducts dermatologicalSexually transmitted diseaseMale infertilityMale and female sexual medicine consultationsElectrocautery of verruca vulgarisChemical cautery of condyloma accuminataColloid milia extractionCautery and extraction of molluscum contagiosumCryocautery using liquid nitrogenApplication of phototherapy for varios skin diseasesSkin biopsy and excision biopsyExcision of skin lesionsSkin allergy testDermojet injectionsIntradermal injection of medicationsBotox injection for facial wrinklesBotox injection for hyperhidrosisChemical peeling using trichloroacetic acid and other peeling productsLaser treatments for vascular neviLaser treatment for hirsutism, laser treatment for Acne, laser treatment for skin rejuvenationMesotherapy for face, hairloss, fillers injection for wrinkles, intracorporal injectionDuplex penile and scrotal penile, prosthesis surgeryVacicicelectomy, hydrocelectomy, penile curvature correction, penile augmentation, pyronies diseaseSex therapy and psychosexual behavior therapy, penile nerve conduction velocity, puncture needle penile nerve study.


Dr. Ikhlas Mohammed

Specialist Dermatology & Venereology & Skin Care

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