• Hair removal by laser services
• UVB narrow band to treat vitiligo, psoriasis, parapsoriasis and dermatitis.
• Cantralization local anesthesia to remove warts and skin tags.
• Chemical peeling for melasma– aging
• Intradermal injection (cortisone) to the treatment of alopreca areata – lichen chromicus keloid.
• Incernoan x drainage under local anathoria for the treatment of alcer and inhected selocucyst.
• Conducts dermatological
• Sexually transmitted disease
• Male infertility
• Male and female sexual medicine consultations
• Electrocautery of verruca vulgaris
• Chemical cautery of condyloma accuminata
• Colloid milia extraction
• Cautery and extraction of molluscum contagiosum
• Cryocautery using liquid nitrogen
• Application of phototherapy for varios skin diseases
• Skin biopsy and excision biopsy
• Excision of skin lesions
• Skin allergy test
• Dermojet injections
• Intradermal injection of medications
• Botox injection for facial wrinkles
• Botox injection for hyperhidrosis
• Chemical peeling using trichloroacetic acid and other peeling products
• Laser treatments for vascular nevi
• Laser treatment for hirsutism, laser treatment for Acne, laser treatment for skin rejuvenation
• Mesotherapy for face, hairloss, fillers injection for wrinkles, intracorporal injection
• Duplex penile and scrotal penile, prosthesis surgery
• Vacicicelectomy, hydrocelectomy, penile curvature correction, penile augmentation, pyronies disease
• Sex therapy and psychosexual behavior therapy, penile nerve conduction velocity, puncture needle penile nerve study.


Dr. Ikhlas Mohammed

Specialist Dermatology & Venereology & Skin Care

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