Under the umbrella of the modern laboratory medicine, the clinical laboratory functions round the clock providing investigative support in biochemistry, hematology and other branches of clinical pathology. Automation with barcode system has been introduced and has been applied to almost all the investigation and the instruments we have in our laboratory. Adoption of automation and barcode system stretched our test menu, shorten the time needed to release the results and last but not the least reduced human error to the minimum.

In view of the higher incidence of coronary artery diseases in U.A.E in a younger population and driven by our own social commitment at ASH, we have program of Executive Health Check-up which includes a very dependable and affordable analysis of lipid profile (Total Cholesterol and Triglyceride, HDL Cholesterol, LDL Cholesterol and VLDL Cholesterol). Al Salama Hospital patients and public are welcome to take advantage of this program. Prevention is always better than cure. And experts are always available to offer advice on changes for heart-healthy life style.


Dr. Tamer Mohsin

Specialist Clinical Chemistry / Lab Director

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