Visitors Information

  1. Family and friends are an important part of a patient’s recovery, and they are welcome at the Al Salama hospital. Only two visitors are allowed at a time (three in private rooms) during visiting hours To decrease the chance of infection and ensure proper rest for all patients, we restrict the hours that visitors may see you.
  2. Visiting hours are 1:00pm to 5:00pm
  3. Not more than two visitors at a time
  4. Visitors may obtain a pass at the patient information desk and it must be visibly worn.
  5. A visitor must relinquish his/her pass in order to allow another visitor to come.
  6. Children (age-12 and older)may visit with permission of the nurse.  Younger children will not be allowed to visit
  7. All children below 12 years must be accompanied by an adult volunteer of the hospital.
  8. People with colds or infections should not visit.
  9. Each patient’s diet is strictly regulated in accordance with the patient’s medical requirements and is served food from the hospital dietary kitchen only. Bringing food from outside the hospital is prohibited.
  10. To protect the health of our patients, visitors, and staff, Lords does not permit smoking or any other intoxicants on the premises.