We, at Al Salama providing the following treatment in Urology department

  • Renal diseases: Renal infection e.g pyelitis and pyelonephritis, renal stone diseases both medical and surgical and ESWL, renal congenital anomalies e.g pelviureteric obstruction, treatment of renal tumor and nephrectomy.

  • Ureteric diseases: Medical and surgical treatment of ureteric stone, uretertic stricture and stenosis; surgery may be endoscopic or open surgery. Treatment of ureteral tumors and re-implantation of the ureter to the bladder.

  • Bladder diseases: Medical and surgical treatment of bladder diseases like bladder infection, bladder stones, bladder tumors, bladder ulcer, nocturnal enuresis in children and adult urinary incontinence.

  • Urethral diseases: Surgical and medical treatment for urethral diseases and urethritis, urethral stricture using open and endoscopic methods, treatment of congenital anomalies likes hypospadias and STD.

  • Prostatic diseases: Treatment of prostatic diseases as prostatitis and prostatic pain, enlarged prostate and prostatic tumors. This includes endoscopic or open surgical maneuvers.

  • Testicular diseases: Treatment of testicular diseases and pain which may be due to epididymo-orchitis, varicocele, infertility or congenital anomalies like un-descended testis, testicular tumors and vasoepididymostomy or vasectomy.
    Treatment of STD, male infertility, impotence, rapid ejaculation and circumcision.