Surgical patient shall follow the below procedure

  • Report to the Inpatient Admissions Counter in the main entry lobby, an admission officer will help you with the admission process.
  • If surgery or a procedure is required, the doctor will explain the preparations that need to be done before hand and will explain to the patient what to expect before and after the procedure or surgery.

The patient needs to bring the following

  • A list of all the medications
  • Emirates ID and Insurance Card

What not to bring

  • Valuables and jewelry.
  • Cigarettes or any intoxicants.

An attendant by-stander can stay overnight with the patient (with the exception of six- bed wards and Critical Care Units). Most units offer a sleeping cot in the room at no additional cost. In the female wards, female patients must be accompanied by a female by-stander, in the male wards the by-stander may be of either sex. By-stander passes are issued at the time of admission at the Inpatient Admissions Counter. All passes must be shown whenever entering or leaving the building or upon request.